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Why We Dive Cenotes! by Planet Scuba Mexico

Come and join Planet Scuba Mexico on their exclusive Cenote Tours, it's truly an experience of a life time. For more information contact info@planetscubemexico.com

Blue Hole and Bell 2013 by peterjust21

Egypt, Dahab, Blue Hole, Bells

Casa Cenote – Philip Gray ‘extreme artist’

Tempted to say my favourite of the shoot so far! The diversity of the cenotes here is just incredible! We headed to Casa Cenote...

Phuket, Thailand Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions by BookingHunterTV

Phuket is an island off the south-west coast of Thailand in Asia. The most important places to visit in Phuket are: Phang Nga Bay,...

El Pit – Philip Gray ‘extreme artist’

We went back to 'The Pit' today for Philip's second canvas of the collection and to experiment with some different paint application techniques. Another...

Diving the Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon – Part II by Phil Blake

Part II (of II) of Phil Blake's incredible adventure of diving the shipwrecks of Truk (Chuuk) Lagoon, all sunk in 1944 in Operation Hailstone;...

Diving in Bali by Bubble Vision

Scuba diving in Bali. This DVD is available at http://www.bubblevision.com/marine-li... Diving in Bali is a document of an extraordinary expedition I made to Indonesia's magical...

Phuket Diary by bestdestination

Phuket was first mentioned as a major source of tin in the sixteenth century when the island became an important source of revenue for...
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